The firm was conceived through a meeting of the minds, at both the human and professional levels, between the attorneys Francesca Infascelli, Elena Provenzani and Lucia Pucci who, animated by a desire to share their common vision of the legal profession, decided to unite the expertise acquired in their previous and diverse professional experiences in order to offer their clients the most complete assistance possible and to serve as a valid and constant point of reference in the practice areas handled.

The firm is characterized by an organization which is dynamic and open to the changes made in an ever-evolving legal profession, while at the same time preserving a traditional mould.   
The attorneys regularly practice in the various areas of civil law, intellectual property and copyrights, and employment and administrative law, providing advice and assistance to individuals, companies and public administrations.

The firm’s attorneys provide their services as individuals or in collaboration with the other colleagues of the firm, in relation to the diverse areas of specialization and the specifics of the singular issues at hand, thus guaranteeing their clients tailored and qualified legal advice whether in litigation or non-contentious matters, even before the Italian Supreme Court (Corte di Cassazione) and the Council of State (Consiglio di Stato).
In their approach with clients, the attorneys favour a personalized approach and dedicate their maximum attention to the specifics of their clients’ every need, in order to establish long-term relationships built on trust and guarantee rapid results, clarity and confidentiality.

The firm has established strong working relationships with qualified consultants and experts in the practice areas handled by the firm’s attorneys (including accountants, employment consultants, engineers and surveyors) and also has a vast network of colleagues in the most important Court of Appeals Districts in Italy.